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Literature Seminar Presentation Session

All Computational Sciences students are invited to attend the first presentation session for the Literature Seminar in Computational Sciences on Tuesday 19 December, 16:00-17:30h, in lecture hall 4.001 at the GeoMet Institute (Pohligstr. 3).

The Literature Seminar is the first step of the research part of your master studies (3rd and 4th semester). In a seminar talk, students present the current state of research in their topic from their Area of Specialisation.
Even if you are not yet currently in the research phase of your master, we encourage you to join the seminar session. This is a great opportunity for you all to get to know the research topics of your peers and possibly find inspiration for your own research projects next year!

In this first session, the following students present:

Logan Stephenson
Topic: Fog and cloud detection using machine learning
Specialisation Area: Earth System Sciences
Supervisors: Prof. Susanne Crewell, Dr. Christoph Boehm

Quinten Preiss
Topic: Monitored Quantum Circuits
Specialisation Area: Theoretical Condensed Matter Physics
Supervisor: Prof. Simon Trebst

Malte Pütz,
Topic: Entanglement phase transitions in a shallow circuit for GHZ preparation: from Nishimori to percolation criticality
Specialisation Area: Theoretical Condensed Matter Physics
Supervisor: Prof. Simon Trebst

We look forward to exciting talks and meeting you all at the session!


CompScie Students Social Meetup


Introduction Session 1st Semester (Cohort 2)

We invite all new incoming students from cohort 2 (who start in WS23/24) to join the introduction session, on Wednesday, 11 October at 10:30am, in the Institute for Geophysics and Meteorology in seminar room 3.136.

You find the room when you enter through the main entrance of Pohligstr. 3, and take the elevator on the left.
Leave the elevator on the 3rd floor, and go through the glass door to your right.
Turn left and walk down the corridor.
You will find the seminar rooms to your right.

This is the time and place for the first lecture of the Simulation and Modeling 1 course. In this introductory session, we will provide you with important information about the Computational Sciences program, as well as the lecture itself.

Information material:


Introduction Session 3rd Semester (Cohort 1)

We invite all students from cohort 1 (who started in WS22/23) to join the first session of the Literature Seminar, on Monday 9 October, at 15:00-16:30h, in room 3.136 of the GeoMet Institute (Pohligstr. 3).

Please join the session, even if you do not yet plan to start with the Literature Seminar module this term!

We will discuss important information about the process of this module, as well as the other modules for the research part of your master: Project Work and Master Thesis.


Start of the Winter Term 23/24

The semester starts on 1 Oct. Lectures start from the 9th.

Please check starting dates and times for your courses on the KLIPS2.0 portal.