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Theoretical Chemistry

Contents within the Master Program

Students will gain in-depths knowledge of theoretical chemistry, including mathematical methods and physical backgrounds for quantum mechanics and many-particle systems. In addition, students can select topics and gain advanced skills in other fields of chemistry like organic, inorganic and physical chemistry or biochemistry.

Participating Institutes

Institute of Theoretical Chemistry

Modules and Study Paths

Students will have to attend two compulsory modules called Advanced Theoretical Chemistry 1 and Advanced Theoretical Chemistry 2. Both modules account for 12 CP. Another 18 CP have to be chosen from a set of modules:

Advanced Inorganic Chemistry

Advanced Organic Chemistry

Advanced Physical Chemistry

Advanced Biochemistry

Elective Modules in Chemistry

Here you can find additional information about the modules:

A possible exemplary study plan could look like this:

Which topics in Mathematics/Computer Science suit this Area of Spezialization?

Suitable courses for Theoretical Chemistry are lectures from the area of (Linear) Algebra, Analysis, Functional Analysis, Differential Equations, Graph Theory (importance in decending order).