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Mentoring Program

General information

All students who have been admitted to the Computational Sciences master program will be assigned a “mentor”. These mentors are researchers/teachers from the Area of Specialisation that you elected upon application for the study program. Mentors help their mentees with selecting courses for their curriculum and shall guide you throughout your studies in Computational Sciences.

There are 2 mandatory mentor-mentee meetings per term:

  1. Before the start of each term (to discuss the selection of modules)
  2. During the term (for general discussion)

Note: You will be assigned a mentor upon admission to the Computational Sciences master program, however, you may ask for a reassignment at any point throughout your studies! In that case, please contact the coordinator of the study program.



Before enrolment: After you have received the admission letter for the Computational Sciences master program, you will receive a notification about your assigned mentor. We would like to invite you to get in touch with your mentor before you enroll for your study program, and they will guide you on your first steps. Please make sure you contact your mentor as soon as possible, BEFORE the first sign-up period for courses starts! You and your mentor will then discuss together your plans for your curriculum and which courses are most suitable for you.

Start of each term: Before each term of your studies, you will sign up for the courses that you are going to take. Your mentor will advise you and help finding the courses that are most suitable for your curriculum. Please make sure that you contact your mentor well in advance before the sign-up period for courses opens!

During your studies: Please contact your mentor at least once during the term, to check-in on your study progress and potential questions/adjustments regarding your curriculum.

Other: In the case that questions/struggles may arise (also independent of your studies), your mentor is one of many people at University of Cologne you can reach out to, and who will help you with further steps that you can take. In addition, find a list of other services at UoC below:

Central Student Guidance and and Counselling Services General questions to the study programs of the University of Cologne, the choice of subjects, etc.
Student Application and Registration Office Questions concerning immatriculation, Response, etc.
Kölner Studierendenwerk Social aspects in connection to studying
ASTA Students’ union
MNF Advisory Services Counselling and Liason services at the Faculty of Mathematics and Natural Sciences
International Office For international students
Gender Equality Officer gender equality, family friendliness, internationalization, interculturality, accessibility, and educational equality